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Beautiful music has the unique property of penetrating our hearts. This very thought inspires me to create unique compositions. Ever since I started composing, I've always liked the idea that music can make people feel different. I have been looking for inspiration all my life around the world. Please refer to this site to find out what I do and why I am doing it so well.

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Edge of Collapse- PC game trailer music

Thanks to the wide range of original instruments used and the Slavic style, it is a favorite among my listeners.

A romantic Christmas music soundtrack from a Canadian drama "On Christmas Day"

Super Heroe Trailer Music

a lot of action, courage, majesty, heroism and courage

Full soundtrack from film "Escape the city"

Hybrid orchestral epic action, adventure and drama music.

Playlist: 0:00 - 2:18 Opening, Clash in the warehouse 2:19 - 3:18 Remembering your parents 3:19 - 4:48 Time with friends 4:49 - 5:41 Tension while encounter 5:42 - 6:12 Desperate thoughts 6:13 - 8:36 Happy moments that turn into chilling moments 8:37 - 9:15 Friends are going for a spin 9:16 - 9:28 Tension build up 9:29 - 9:49 Something is wrong 9:50 - 11:09 He is fatally wounded/Farewell 11:08 - 11:35 We're not alone here... 11:36 - 13:04 He dies, mourning 13:05 - 16:41 Those monsters- build up till rock kick 16:42 - 17:03 We'll get up 17:04 - 18:15 I miss you buddy 18:16 - 18:28 The zombie is rising 18:29 - 19:21 Attack and escape 19:22 - 19:42 Is it really safe here? 19:43 - 21:11Dad?! Dad?! 21:12 - 22:47 Spatial uncertainty 22:48 - Build up to the final theme for credits.

Drama orchestral music interspersed with EDM music? Why not :) Listen to full soundtrack

0:00 - 1:33 EDM opening music 1:34 - 2:52 Ambience drama music 2:53 - 3:03 Funky party music scene 3:04 - 5:44 In the psychologist's office- drama music 5:45 - 6:47 Using drugs- dark chill music 6:48 - 9:15 He's going to die- hybrid drama orchestral music 9:16 - 12:11 The confrontation- orchestral drama music 12:12 - 14.23 Reconciliation- orchestral music 14:24- 16:20 Credits music- upbeat final music Bonus: 16:21 - 19:04 In the psychologist's office 2- drama music [ alternative version] 19:05 - 20:43 EDM opening music 2- [alternative version]

Main theme from PC Detective Game

Spots & Hound

A bit of adventure and mystery.

Celtic folk/fantasy style opening theme for animation "Allifera Kingdom"

A PC Game loop from EOC. A bit of dystopian music.

A comedy full soundtrack, a la Woody Allen and a bit of orchestral vibe :)

0:00 - 0:39 Opening music, orchestral music which comes to swing 0:40 - 1:39 ordinary day in the office, a funny orchestral music 1:40 -2:14 first impression, lyrical music 2:15 - 2:53 that annoying boss... 2:54 -3:26 blues trombone 3:27 - 4:21 no wedding- dramatic scene 4:22 - 5:16 falling in love 5:17 - 6:57 mission impossible 6:58 - 7:29 classical waltz 7:30 - 7:36 growling swing trombone 7:37 - 9:28 this is it, I fire you!!! 9:29 - 9:52 the tase of victory- bolero style 9:53 - 10:35 the argument 10:36 - 11:24 bye bye- in a style of Habaner and Piazzola 11:25 - 11:47 final scene

A bit of action music. It is my entry to the #westworldscoringcompetition2020

Devoted not only to presenting orchestral works, I composed this piece, which quickly became a great success. Listen to it now and share your opinions.

For presenting contemporary works and not only orchestral, I created this piece according to the director's instructions, using specific synthesizers.

This video is a demonstration of my action cinema skills. Thanks to the wide range of instruments used and the use of various techniques, the music emphasizes the emotions accompanying the fight scene. For the impatient:

0:00​ - 1:08​ - Psychedelic conversation ambience music

1:09​ - 2:45​ - Action music

2:46​ - 3:11​ - The death of Vampire's a loved one (sad emotional music)

3:12​ - 3:41​ - The Revenge ( Hard Metal music)

There is a small line between love and hate. This contrast can be heard in this soundtrack. First, a love scene that turns into a fight scene.

0:00​ - 2:20​ - Love scene

2:21​ - 4:25​ - Fight scene

Another music loop from Edge of Collapse. Check it out.

I composed this music for the war computer game Assault on Warsaw. I worked incredibly hard on all the arrangements and I am absolutely proud to present this amazing piece to my listeners. Let you listen to this and other recordings now.

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A cultural experience

As a composer, I try to use every opportunity to create unique music. Thanks to many years of experience, I was able to develop my skills and broaden my artistic vision to such an extent that I can create music that is second to none. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my website and find out about it.

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film scoring

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music & sound design

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16 bit retro synth

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